About us

Commonality was founded in 2014 to realise the founders’ shared vision: to take the guesswork out of the advertising and campaign cycle by using data and cutting edge technology.

Commonality adds value through the acquisition of data and the appliance of logic at every stage of the advertising and campaign cycle with our Research, Data Management and Trading Desk capabilities.

Whether you are an advertiser, publisher, NGO or retailer, Commonality can help you harness your data and create or enhance opportunities for incremental growth.


Commonality connects brands with their customers.

Our Services

Our 3 divisions work in harmony to drive ongoing optimisation of messaging and understandings about your audience.


Commonality Research can identify correlating data points in your existing or desired audience, and then identify look-a-like audiences to optimise your targeting. Through our moment-to-moment dial-testing, we can identify particular points of motivation and develop messages proven to drive desired shifts in attitude or activity.


At the heart of Commonality’s offering lies a Data Management Platform (DMP) or Data Co-op. We use the DMP in various ways to allow clients to better understand their audiences segment those audiences and grow audiences by finding prospects who are similar to the existing audience.


By buying media programmatically through a trading desk (much like share-traders) we are able to communicate uniquely with the audience we have profiled on the DMP (or lookalike audiences), eliminating waste and allowing hyper-targeting of messaging to audience segments.

What we do

We assist our clients with what to say, to whom to say it and how to deliver that message most effectively.

Our People

Meet the experts.

Kees De Jong – Principal

Kees built the largest online trading desk in Australia (Group M’s Xaxis), held senior management positions at Facilitate Digital (now Adslot, major ad-serving platform and digital services provider) in Australia and established the company in Europe. He consults to the world’s largest media and data companies.

Phil Benedictus – Principal

Media buyer & founder of Benedictus Media and GameChanger Media, with extensive experience in the online space and in media planning and buying. Particular expertise around cause-related and political advertising, entertainment and travel.

Jim Flynn – Principal

Owner of Citrus Media, Australia’s leading independent branded content provider. We work with our clients to produce high performing and measurable content across many platforms and across multiple sectors – retail to sporting, automotive to technology, finance to travel.

Damien Thomson – Chief Operating Officer

Damien has extensive global experience leading and shaping business operations across technology and media industries with FTSE and ASX listed organisations. With a background in finance, accounting and economics, Damien brings a broad business acumen to the Commonality team.

Troy Burton – Managing Director (Commonality Research)

Managing Director of Commonality Research and a founding partner in Reveille Strategy. A graduate of the ACTU’s Organising Works program, Troy has held senior roles at the ACTU, CFMEU (Unite), SEIU and was the Assistant National Secretary of United Voice for several years.

He is recognized as a leading political and industrial campaign strategist. His campaigns have changed the lives of people working in child care, luxury hotels, casinos, contract cleaning, health care and the WA and Queensland mining industries.
He has focused on assisting marginalized or unrepresented workers build power, and has pioneered work in campaign research, experimental organizing techniques and capital strategies, harnessing the power of workers’ superannuation to deliver better outcomes for workers.

Tim Chapman – Communications Strategist (Commonality Research)

Tim Chapman is a communications and strategy expert with a broad range of skills and experience. After a decade working at the highest level of the Australian union movement, Tim joined the Commonality team as Communications Strategist in 2015.

Tim holds a degree in journalism and public relations from the University of Technology, Sydney, and is a regular guest lecturer at the Master of Public Policy and Management program at Melbourne University.

Tim’s broad experience allows him to provide valuable advice to our clients in the union and environment movements, as well as political and commercial clients.

James Stocken – Managing Director (Commonality EMEA)

James Stocken joined Commonality in 2015 to develop the business across Europe.  James brings over 20 years experience of providing services to Blue-Chip corporations and a keen understanding of the need to always deliver results for his clients.